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"By far the BEST experience I've had. Some would say I'm the shy type not really open to doing things out of the norm, but MY CONSULTANT helped me. She made me want to keep coming back for more. For interest in things of this nature, then shop with Zindzhi, she'll get you right... And More!!!!"


"All I have to say is my husband really enjoyed spraying this "Body Dew" moisturizer on my body. It smelled amazing and my skin was super soft! If you haven't tried it, get you some! #dopeness I need more!"

Latrece & Phil

"I had no idea how vast the variety of toys and other bedroom accessories was until I booked a party with Zindzhi.  She was fun, engaging, entertaining and knew her stuff.  A true professional in the industry and very down to earth.  Now, I book parties and shop with her on a regular basis. She's my #ToyLady.



Feel deep affection, romance or sexual attachment.


Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation.


Do (something) again, or a number of times.


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