Healthy Sex Perspective

When it comes to sex, there is information and images almost everywhere you seem to look. Most of these sources tend to give out advice that is fragmented and only tells one side, often the side that won’t really help you find what works for you and your sex life. Today, sex is delivered to you everywhere you look, your favorite shows, commercials, brands and ad campaigns, music. With this oversexualization in our culture, it is hard to sparse out what sex practices are the ones that are worth introducing into your own sex life. In general, it seems that we are in a place where people are eager to know more about fulfilling sexual relationships, but are sometimes just relying on the wrong outlets to begin to have a truly healthy and effective sex perspective. 

With a new perspective comes a new sense of awareness. It is important to seek advice from avenues and people that don’t just love sex, but who are dedicated to the cause and effect of sex, who are concerned with more than just feeling good. By widening your perspective on sex and allowing it to live outside of what you’re true needs are, and having open communication and understanding the differences in our needs and desires, you are allowing yourself to practice love and tolerance within a culture that often propagates shame around sex.

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