How Sex Therapy Can Change What You Know About Your Body

We all know that relationships take work. This goes for sexual relationship too. Having an enjoyable sex life isn’t a given, you aren’t just going to know what works for everyone, or even, what works for you. It all takes practice and sometimes, even guidance. Sex therapy is a safe and informed space where you and your partner can address the questions surrounding sex.

Most of the time the problem might not even be the act of sex itself that’s causing a disconnect. With the guidance of a sex therapist you can start to understand just how connected the mind and body are, and how pleasure is ultimately, a give and take of control and perspective.

Sex therapy isn’t just about the act of sex itself. It is a form of talk therapy that’s aims to help individuals and partners address psychological and personal factors that could be negatively impacting their sex lives. Talking about sex with your partner can sometimes feel awkward and uncomfortable, but is necessary when trying to understanding your bodies and how they can be utilized to begin a life filled with pleasurable sex.

-Ecclesia Holmes, LPC


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