Got A Question About Product Types?  Check Here First!

Wellness Products - Any cream, lotion, or supplement (pill) that helps your health, sexual health and/ or general well-being.

Kegel Balls / Trainers - Used to help with pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Regular Kegel exercises results in greater muscle tone, stronger orgasms, and helps to prevent urinary incontinence. To help with pelvic floor strengthening exercises.  

Massage Candles - Made with soy wax, these candles only heat up to a few degrees above body temperature. Excellent to use for a sensual massage or as a daily skin moisturizer.

Tasty Treats - Flavored lotions, oils, powders, or paints. Apply liberally to your partner then kiss or lick away!

Enhancers - Lotions, gels, sprays, balms, creams and pills that boost your sexual experience. There are several varieties:

  • Stimulation Cream / Gel - Encourages more blood flow to the clitoris to increase sensitivity and strength of orgasm.
  • Arousal Oil / Balm - When applied to the clitoris, causes the sensations associated with arousal.
  • G-Spot Cream / Gel - Increases blood flow to the G-spot, sensitizing it and making it easier to find.
  • Tighteners - When applied internally, creates a sensation that she is tighter, which makes him feel larger.
  • Prolong / Delay - Lightly desensitizes him, resulting in a longer performance so partners may climax together.
  • Thickeners / Size Enhancers - Draws more blood into the penis for a fuller erection, Available as creams for a temporary effect or as daily treatments for lasting results. 
  • Oral Sex - Creams, gels, lotions, or sprays, usually flavored, to augment the experience of giving or receiving oral pleasure

Lubricant - Liquid or gel designed to mimic a woman's natural lubrication. Use to enhance lovemaking; for all toy play; to relieve personal dryness; for all backdoor play. Varieties include water based, silicone based, warming, cooling, flavored, and backdoor formulas.

Bullet / Egg - A compact vibrating massager with endless uses: Clitoral stimulation; Between your bodies while being close; Stimulate the penis; Nipple stimulation, etc.

Vibrator / Massager - A device that creates stimulating vibrations. May be applied anywhere to the body but usually used for external or internal stimulation. Motors are powered by batteries, recharging (like your phone) or via plug-in power.

Mini Vibes - A vibrator that is compact in size, generally less than 5 inches in length.

G-Spot Vibes - A vibrator that is tilted or angled at the tip to help reach the G-Spot more easily.

Rabbit - Also called Multi-Function Vibes or Dual Stimulators. A vibrator designed with at least 2 types of stimulation, such as internal and external, simultaneously. Available with or without massage beads. Motors are powered with batteries or may be rechargeable.

Wand - A large massager that can be used to relax body muscles or for sexual stimulation.

Temperature Play Toys - Items - like dildos or plugs/ probes - made of temperature-retaining materials like glass, metal, ceramic, or stone. Use with warm or cool water to create different sensations.  

Dildos - Cylindrically shaped, usually non-vibrating, object used for sexual stimulation via insertion. May realistically mimic the appearance of a real penis, or be non-representational.

Sleeves - A device used by men to assist in self pleasure and penis stimulation. Mimics the sensation of being with a partner.

Pump - A device that uses suction to draw blood into and engorge the penis or clitoris, creating an erection and heightening sensitivity.

Toys for Couples - Items used together to accentuate your experience when you are being close.

  • C-Ring - A band of stretchy material worn on the penis to restrict the flow of blood out of the penis. Creates a fuller, firmer erection.
  • Vibrating C-Ring - A c-ring with a mini vibrator attached to stimulate both partners.
  • Positionary Aid - Items to help with different, exciting, new, and fun positions.
  • Harness - An apparatus worn at the waist that holds a dildo or vibrator in the general genital region. Generally used by a person without a penis to perform penetrative sex on a partner.

Restraints - Items used to restrict movement of your partner for sensual fantasy play. May be in the form of tape, cuffs, rope, tethers, etc.

Plug - Similar in appearance to a dildo, but shorter, with a rounded or tapered tip on one end and a flared base on the other. Designed to be inserted and intended to remain stationary to provide a feeling of fullness /stretch. Can be worn over extended periods of time to dilate the anus to prepare for backdoor sex.

Probe - Similar in appearance to a Plug, but intended to provide sensations via thrusting. May or may not vibrate.  Often longer, narrower, and/or more dramatically textured than plugs.  They are not intended to stay in place or be worn around the way that plugs are, but instead used for sexual stimulation.

Beads - Typically a flexible strand of round or oblong shapes, which are usually graduated in size from smallest to largest. Designed to be inserted into the anus and pulled out to create sexual stimulation, starting with the smallest bead and working up to the largest one, as comfort allows.