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Flavor: Stimulating Coffee
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Experience the rush of insatiability with Spanish Fly Sex Liquid Drops.  Increase sexual desire and stronger orgasms.  Available in tantalizing flavors: Hot Cherry, Wild Strawberry, Zesty Cola, Stimulating Coffee and Cherry Vanilla. 

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  • Can an man put it on his penis

    Yes.  This product can be placed on your partner as indicated on the packaging.

  • Can you put it in your drink

    We do not make any suggestions for taking this product in any other way than intended or listed on the original packaging.

  • This product is for male and female and it really works?

    Like any supplement, the effects are different from person to person.  For decades, people have believed that Spanish Fly liquid enhances sexual energy for anyone who drinks it. This great tasting formula was designed to boost arousal and intensify orgasms. Simply place as many drops as you please onto your tongue or on your partner to enhance sexual energy.

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