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Our ultimate self-care / self-love product. Your BFF with benefits!

As seen in Cosmo and BuzzFeed, The WaterSlyde aquatic stimulator is the revolutionary patented faucet attachment that harnesses the power of water for your personal pleasure.

A fab sex toy alternative to your vibrator, giving you and your V a new, unique pleasure sensation!
  • Body-Safe (Just plain H2O to wash and stimulate your vulva)
  • Water Delivered Right To Your Vulva (No more scooching or bathtub yoga)
  • Pleasure From Arousal To Orgasm (You decide how far to go)
  • Hands-Free (Lay back, let the water do the rest)
  • All The Power You Need (You decide the water pressure, let gravity do its thing)
  • No Batteries Required! (Ever)

Bath time never felt so good!


What is the “Bathtub Technique"??? 

Cosmo calls it a seriously hot solo of the best masturbation positions for women.

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