Warming Heart Body Massager

Warming Heart Body Massager

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Caress each body curve during massage with tantalizing, warm enticement.

Heart-Shaped Body Massager is Easy to Use: Bend the metal disc inside to activate the heat source. The Warming Body Massager will heat up to 129 degrees F (54 degrees C). Then just pair with your favorite massage oil, cream, or gel and glide smoothly over the desired body area for a warm, sensual body massage.

To Reuse - Re-heat in boiling water for 7-10 minutes or until crystals re-liquefy. Use non-piercing tongs to carefully remove heated body massager from water & allow to cool to a comfortable temperature suitable for body contact. Do not heat in microwave (because of the metal disc.) 

From everyone's favorite Pheromone & Romance Enhancement Product company - Crazy Girl!



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