Vibed Water Based Lube


Size: 6 oz
Only 2 units left


The CBD revolution reverberating through North America has created an array of products that cater to our everyday lifestyles and wellness. But have you ever asked the question “What can CBD do for my life between the sheets?”

The team at Vibed decided to create an answer. Our new water-based intimate moisturizer is injected with up to 40mg of broad-spectrum CBD to benefit the parts of your body that matter most. Our ingredient list is 100% free of glycerin and parabens. Whether you suffer from sensitivity or are just looking to introduce the benefits of CBD into your sex life, our formula will create the right motion for your ocean.


  • Sensation
  • Pleasure
  • Arousal


  • Tension
  • Discomfort
  • Dryness

Available in 2 oz or 6 oz.

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