Pink Pussycat Honey Bag of 12

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Pink Pussycat Passionfruit flavored honey Female Sexual Enhancement Honey will increase libido and sexual desire! Give your natural lubrication an incredible boost! You will be hungrier for sex than you’ve ever been before. Be the lover you have always wanted to be!
  • Intense Orgasm
  • Maximum Arousal
  • Fast Action
  • Long Lasting
  • Last up to 72 Hours

  • Take (1/2) of pack for moderate energy.  Take the whole pack at once for maximum energy.  Do not exceed more than one (1) pack every six hours.  Use or discard any unused honey within 72 hours (3 days) after opening.  Refrigeration not necessary. 

    Please keep in mind the varying opinions and reviews in the adult novelty and intimacy enhancement industry and know that what works for some may not work the same for others.  Items for ingestion or items that have been personally or intimately used are non-refundable.

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