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BINGO: The Pleasure Edition is a privately hosted, online virtual game by invitation ONLY.  This event is held monthly on every 4th Thursday night at 8:00 PM EST on ZOOM (link provided once Bingo card(s) purchased).

$10 for 10 Games. $5 for each additional BINGO card, with a maximum of 4 BINGO cards per person.

The terms of the game are similar to that of traditional BINGO; however, the nontraditional twist is a board full of terms related to adult pleasure and the prizes are ALL adult pleasure products.  Therefore, you MUST be age 18+ in order to play.  All prizes are valued at $25 or more.  Winners will pay $6 Flat Rate Shipping.  

There will be 10 rounds of BINGO, plus 3 Loser Rounds.  Please note that only players who have not won a prize are eligible for the Loser Rounds.

You can play in multiple ways; however, you must be logged into the gaming session via ZOOM in order to hear the Calls for BINGO.


  1. Virtually through our game link
  2. Electronic copy of your Bingo Card(s)
  3. Print out your Bingo Card

Be sure to provide an email address and a CELLPHONE number with your order so that you can receive your BINGO card(s).  Without this information, we cannot issue a BINGO card.  Winners will need to send their shipping address to


*NOTE: All sales are final.  All prizes are Limited Edition items.  No refunds.  

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