AH! YES CLEANSE Rose Scented Intimate Foaming Wash 5.1oz

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AH! YES CLEANSE are luxurious, gentle feminine washes, one rose-scented, one fragrance-free, sensitively formulated to respect the intimate environment with a richly foaming cleansing lather.

Gentle feminine foam wash that soothes and cleanses the intimate area
Certified organic and formulated to be pure, natural and hypoallergenic
Made with organic calendula and aloe vera
AH! YES Cleanse Rose is delicately perfumed with organic Rose flower oil (Rosa damascena)
Perfectly balanced to match vaginal pH*
Economic, long lasting foam pump – more than 200 applications per bottle
Helps to banish odor-causing bacteria without irritation
Gentle enough for daily use – can also be used as a body wash
Traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the vaginal pH balance, causing dryness and irritation to the delicate vulval area. AH! YES CLEANSE has been carefully balanced to protect and support the intimate environment/pH of the intimate area.

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